Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prayer, Spells, Positive Thinking, Magic, Intent, Wishes....

Originally posted Thursday, April 13, 2006
what are these things to you? here's what they are to me: they are all the same thing simply in different words depending on the context and/or belief system of the person using them. since i live in a mostly christian community i use the word prayer most often. but i'm a witch. witches don't pray!! they do spells!!! hmf.

ok - i "do a circle" then i "talk to god" then i "conjure" with chants, incense, candles and water. when a christian - only as an example folks - goes into a church, it is actually the same thing as my "doing a circle." we are both entering into sacred space. christians talk to god individually, collectively or passively when they listen to the priest. they commune amongst the congregation and, in some christian churches, incense is lit, chanting is done, water is sprinkled or dipped into and favors are asked of god (spells are cast). we are not so different, really. in fact, EVERYone who focuses their thoughts and bends their intent upon something is doing "magic."

how many times have we heard the saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." and how many times have we heard, "If you really think about it, it'll happen" or "dreams come true." wishing, prayer, magic, idle daydreaming, spells, positive thinking, intent - whatever you want to call it, is the concentration of our thought, individually and/or collectively, and people - wishing a thing were so DOES make it happen. the proof of the power of prayer as people focus their intent on the well-being of this person or another surrounds us everywhere. look to the newspapers for stories of miracles. scour the internet and you will see how people who have asked for prayer intervention have been given what is most dear to their hearts.

the power of thought is a tangible and real thing and many of us make the mistake, in my opinion, of thinking what goes on in our heads is private. it is not. i have, over the last couple decades, trained my mind to think in positives, have taught myself to couch my sentences in positives, not negatives, reclaimed my lost naivete and innocence by insisting on trusting first until taught otherwise and have seen my life change from being harmed or in chaos to peace, laughter and joy practically every moment of every day. this is all possible because i wished and prayed to become a kinder more compassionate person. i focused my thoughts and applied positive thinking toward achieving that goal. a goal i am still seeking and always will strive for. i have seen with my own eyes the power of positive thinking in simple things like asking for a parking spot right up front on days i'm not feeling well and have to go into town. it works every time. i sail through town hitting green light after green because i've "cast a spell" or said a prayer asking for freewheeling. when hunting, i have asked for fine bucks and have always been presented with prime specimens pleasing to my gods, but some were not old enough to harvest by our laws. i have sent prayers of strength winging on candle flames and seen them answered.

so tell me. are these words variations on a theme to you or do they hold different meanings or perceptions?

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