Thursday, September 11, 2008

Starting Over

well rats. it's been a couple years since i updated my old blog so it looks like i'll hafta repost those thoughts over to this one. just to letcha know, i really am a fluffy-bunny hedgewitch, so most of my personality truly is sunny. i am a joyful person, slow to anger, quick to laff. but even the most indomitable optimist has serious thoughts and controversial ideas. i present you my own opinions which are, of course, subject to change after intelligent discourse and new experiences. if you disagree, please don't flame and don't just say it's stupid. think about your reaction first. WHY does it make you angry? disgusted? thoughtful? shocked? and then let me know those reasons, please. none of my opinions are cast in stone and i welcome dialog with anyone who wishes to go toe to toe in non-angry and sincere debate.

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